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Thread: Clearwater Kyle Brennan Memorial/4th Anoniversary/Hubbard's Birthday

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    Clearwater Kyle Brennan Memorial/4th Anoniversary/Hubbard's Birthday

    Big Doings in Clearwater.

    MARCH 10, 2012
    Moar info later on exactly how we're going to break this up. This may be another "most of the day/a lot of the night" protest much like last year.

    Meet at City Hall Fountain located at 112 S. Osceola Ave. Clearwater, FL around 11:00AM and protest until around 2:00PM

    Since we are probably going to be going to Ruth Eckerd Hall for the cult shindig we will be resting quite a bit and will take a long enough break to rest and get something to eat before the evening festivities.

    It's probably going to be hotter than hell so dress appropriately for hot, humid Florida weather.

    Masks and face coverings ARE allowed in Clearwater. GF Mask will not only hide your identity----it's a sign of solidarity. If you don't have a GF mask then a bandana or scarf will do or any mask.

    I'd recommend drinking some sort of Gatorade concoction before coming out. Also, we were discussing this about a week ago---if you get headaches from the sun then you should go ahead and take whatever meds you take for a headache before you come out.

    We will supply water and you need to drink a LOT of it throughout the day. We've had veteran protesters fall out from heat so don't think it can't happen to you.

    If you're joining us for the first time and you need to remain anonymous then you should make plans to park elsewhere and either walk in or familiarize yourself with the Pinellas Co. Transit and bus your way in and out. Downtown Clearwater has cult cameras everywhere. The cult doesn't have to immediately start following you when you leave the area. They can pick you up on a camera a few blocks away from the protest area and set a tail on you from there.

    We also have a lot of signs, but you can bring your own if you wish.

    We have found that we don't really need a lot in the way of fliers since most of the people walking in the downtown area are scientologists/Sea Org or are residents of the area and already know a lot about the cult. If you want to bring fliers that's fine. Just don't expect to hand that many out.

    We will be going out to Ruth Eckerd Hall in the evening. We'll probably be trying to get out there around 4:30-5:00PM. There's really no way to hide who you are out at Ruth Eckerd. You'll have to park in one of the public parking areas north of the entrance to Ruth Eckerd Hall and then walk to the entrance. WE CANNOT PARK ON RUTH ECKERD HALL PROPERTY NOR CAN WE GO ONTO THEIR PROPERTY. Handlers are always around when Miscavige is in town so expect assholes and quite a few that don't know what they're doing. IF NOTHING ELSE REMEMBER THAT HANDLERS ARE TRYING TO GET YOU TO TALK TO THEM. IT'S NOT GOOD FOR THEM WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL TO THEM. SILENCE CAN BE GOLDEN AROUND A HANDLER.

    1111 N McMullen Booth Rd
    Clearwater, FL 33759

    I'll write more as I think of it.

    Hoping some of you can join us for this event. The birthday event is always a hoot out at Ruth Eckerd Hall because the cult members are basically at our mercy with only one way into and out of the venue. We get flipped off a LOT out there. LOL

    We'll also be honoring Kyle Brennan this year. Check out his memorial page and see why he's another victim of the cult.

    Hope to see some new faces this year!
    “Taking Mum's hand, I whispered "Are we really safe, here?”
    ― Alwyn Evans, Walk in My Shoes

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    For Great Justice

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    So glad to hear from CW! Brb, making you your own planning/post-game forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
    So glad to hear from CW! Brb, making you your own planning/post-game forums.
    Oh yes do!

    The whole matter of Kyle Brennan is one of the greatest tragedies involving Scientology. And here is someone killed at least in part because of their crazy and harmful policies who was not even one of them!

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